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Curious about folk dance? Join the Beginners class on Tuesdays!
Live Oak Recreation Center


    Mon., Aug. 18 ?Wed., Aug. 20 AND Wed., Aug. 27 - Monday, Sept. 1 NO DANCING AT BFD
    Thursday, August 21, 7:45pm-9:45pmRequest Night with Albany Y (line dances) at Live Oak
    Friday, August 22, 7:45pm-9:45pmBFD Request Night
    Monday, August 25, 7:30pm-9:30pmSwing Workshop I with Kit Skeoch at Live Oak. Attendees should already know the basic swing step in both open and closed positions (which will be taught at Aug. 12 class). Workshop will teach basic combinations of moves.
    Tuesday, August 26, 7:30pm-9:30pmSwing Workshop II with Kit Skeoch at Live Oak. More moves and combinations - not a repeat of Monday’s workshop ?try to attend both!

  • A new round of classes starts at BFD in September:
    Tuesday, September 2:Beginners with Claire and Al George
    Wednesday, September 3:Advanced Intermediate with Judy Stonefield and Lone Coleman
    Thursday, September 4:Intermediate with David and Marija Hillis
    Monday, September 8:Advanced with Yaqi Zhang (with assistance from Tom Sha)
  • View BFD's 2014 class/event schedule here, and 2014 holiday dancing schedule here.

  • Give the gift of dance! Membership gives you and/or your loved one a full year of dancing, 5 nights a week. Download the membership form today.

  • BFD dances 5 nights a week!
    Mondays:Advanced with Lone and Bill
    Tuesdays:Beginners with Claire and Al
    Wednesdays:Advanced Intermediate with Judy and Yaqi
    Thursdays: Intermediate with Marija and David
    Fridays:Request Night

  • See video samples of some BFD repertoire dances here.
  • See photos from recent BFD events in the Members Area.
  • BFD in the Spotlight: read Oakland Tribune's news article on BFD here.
  • BFD in the Spotlight 2: read San Francisco Chronicle's news article on BFD here.
  • Dance notes for the BFD repertoire are available in the Members Area.
  • The BFD eBulletins are available in the Members Area.

What is Berkeley Folk Dancers?
Berkeley Folk Dancers (BFD) has been active in Berkeley for over seventy years! It is a group of nearly 200 people of all ages who enjoy doing a great variety of folk dances. All kinds of people belong to BFD, from teenagers to retired people. Couples and singles are equally welcome. Lessons on four levels are held weekly; parties and special events are scheduled throughout the year.

What kinds of dances are taught?
BFD has an international repertoire of over 200 dances. Dances are drawn from Europe, the British Isles, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, the USA and other places. The repertoire includes couple, set, circle, line, and square dances. They range from simple to complex, and can be choreographed or freestyle, fast or slow, partner or non-partner. A few new dances are introduced every year, so members experience ongoing learning challenges as well as the pleasure of doing familiar dances.
To see some samples of the kinds of dances we do, click here.

Who teaches the classes?
One of BFD's richest resources is its qualified and enthusiastic teachers. Each year the teachers attend classes taught by master teachers at the University of the Pacific, Mendocino Folklore Camp, or the North/South Teachers Conference. They learn new dances along with techniques for sharing their knowledge.

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